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People have so many different opinions about beauty. Some say beauty is pain, others say beauty comes from within. Killer cheekbones mark the true beauty, perfect eyebrow is key to be an absolute beauty. To be beautiful, you need to conceal this and cover that.



Here at be real. , we believe that all ideas of beauty are valid. There is no right or wrong. We embrace every girls’ idea of ‘beauty’. Our own idea of beauty relates to three things we believe in the most: freedom, self-love….and good vibes. Made with lots of love, so much joy, and a hint of attitude, our products are curated especially for you to look and FEEL good.


You! YES, YOU! You are our inspiration.
Real girls with real life and real love for all things beauty. Girls who have more than one side to her. Girls who enjoy a good night out but appreciate a quiet ‘me time’. Girls who love natural makeup but can rock bold-coloured lipsticks when they feel like it.


Throughout the creation process, we sought opinions from many real girls to develop our beloved products. We had coffee sessions with these girls talking about what they’re looking for in the next beauty essentials. Yes girl, your opinions matter. We chose our product collection carefully to be your go-to daily essentials and your makeup pouch permanent resident.